Workin' On The Railroad

A Big Sky Rally Production

"Workin' On The Railroad"

"Workin' on the Railroad" is a challenging motorcycle adventure in managing the shipment of cargo between freight depots. Scoring will reflect the value of the freight and the depot to which it was delivered. Can you be the rider that best satisfies your customers and delivers the loads to the depots that pay the most?

"Give me snuff, whiskey and Swedes, and I will build you a railroad to hell." - James J. Hill, CEO, Great Northern Railway

Event Schedule

Check In - August 7th from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. All riders must complete the check in process, including odometer check ride, by 3:00PM on August 7, 2015

Starting Banquet: August 7th at 5:00PM

Rally Start: All riders will leave rally headquarters on August 8th at 4:00AM.

Rally Finish: All riders must be back at rally headquarters on August 9th by 4:00PM.

Finish Banquet: August 9th at 7:00PM

Rally Logistics

While the rally is based in Montana, riders will be presented with opportunities to roam widely across state and international borders. Riders railing for top finish positions should prepare to explore the scenic beauty of both the United States and Canada. Due to the open nature of this event, there will be no mandatory checkpoints.

Read about Rally Logistics:

Big Sky Resort

We are extremely pleased to have the magnificent Big Sky Resort serve as Rally headquarters for the 2015 "Working On The Railroad" event!

The Big Sky Resort is a superb facility that has an abundance of attractions for both riders and RTV (Ride To Visit) participants alike! There are a multitude of exquisite dining opportunities located right on the mountain, such as the Carabiner, Andiamos Italian Grill, Everett's 8800, and Whiskey Jacks.

The Group Rate of $104.13/night (including all taxes/fees and a stellar continental breakfast!) is extended five (5) days on either side of the event, for those who want to further enjoy the resort and surrounding area!


The 2015 Big Sky Rally "Working on the Railroad" event is pleased to have the Jason Jonas-powered Ride Master software for online registration!

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